About Me

Jayson Boubin is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Binghamton University. He earned his PhD in Computer Science from Ohio State University. His research interests sit at the intersection of computer systems, machine learning, autonomy, and robotics. He builds complex systems which efficiently leverage new or extant machine learning, distributed systems, and robotics technologies to solve real world problems. Specifically, he builds fully autonomous UAV which operate in highly resource constrained environments like crop fields, forests, and remote infrastructure sites. These systems require serious compute resources and software support, but have little power, network bandwidth, or time to spare, necessitating creative engineering solutions and completely new technologies to properly implement.

His work contributes directly to the fields of reinforcement learning, distributed systems, edge computing, robotics and more. Jayson has built fully autonomous aerial systems for agriculture, infrastructure inspection, autonomous photography, search and rescue, and other important application areas. Most recently, he has focused on the impacts that frequent autonomous crop scouting can have on crop yield and monetary return to farmers. Jayson's work has resulted in numerous publications at top venues in edge computing, computer systems, and agriculture, as well as a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. He developes SoftwarePilot, an open source platform for autonomous UAV testing, implementation, and design. He has also developed the Fleet Computer, a Kubernetes-based deployment architecture for constrained autonomous systems at the edge. Jayson also built PROWESS, an institutional testbed for highly constrained edge workloads that is currently deployed across Ohio State University.

Jayson enjoys outreach through demonstrations and middle to high-school level workshops on computer science and drones. He particularly enjoys visiting schools and mentoring students in underserved or marginalized communities. Please contact him by email if you have questions about workshop programming at your school or in your community.