Jayson Boubin
PhD Candidate, NSF GRFP Fellow

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I am currently a PhD candidate supported by the NSF GRFP fellowship studying computer science at The Ohio State University working with Dr. Chris Stewart in the ReRout lab. My research focuses on Fully Autonomous Aerial Systems. Under Dr. Stewart, I am the Lead Developer of the SoftwarePilot project, a middleware that transforms consumer UAVs and edge systems into fully autonomous aerial systems. My present work falls mainly in the fields of unmanned aerial systems, autonomy, robotics, machine learning, and computer systems as a whole. In the past, I have also worked on high performance computing, simulation, and cyber security.

I received a B.S in Computer Science from Miami University in May of 2017. While studying at Miami, I worked with Dr. Dhananjai Rao creating efficient process parallel agent based simulations. I later worked for the United States Department of Defense at the Air Force Institute of Technology under Maj. Christina Rusnock, PhD. Under Maj. Rusnock, I worked on multiple projects relating to discrete event simulation, automation theory, and system design. I also worked for Dr. Michael Miller, creating testing and evaluation software for unmanned aerial systems.

I am a talented developer in C++, Java, and Python. I am also skilled with deep learning tools, algorithms and data structures, and I love to write concurrent and efficient code. I have experience with compiler design, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. I am also proficient with a number of UAV SDKs and communication protocols, as well as construction of small UAS. I like to use these skills to solve novel, interdisciplinary research problems.